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I Got The Devil In Me, Girl


I got a set of urethral sounds (or, to be technically accurate, I believe they are Hegar uterine dilators) as a lovely gift for a class I gave over the weekend, and I got to play with them yesterday.  This wasn't the first time I'd played with sounds, but it was probably the most extensive play I've done with them.

For urethral play, having sterile materials is a serious concern.  Fortunately, my partner is a medical professional, so I have a lot of trust in her judgement (particularly since said judgement is put into use on her body...).  I sterilized the sounds themselves in alcohol using an odd-shaped mineral water bottle that is tall enough to hold the entire length of the sound and narrow enough to not require too much alcohol to fill it.  I left these soaking while I tied her down (mmmmm...bondage) and spent some time trying out different combinations of things with my new TENS unit (mmmm...electricity). 

When I was ready to use them, I took the sounds out of the alcohol and gave them some time to dry.  This is very important for two reasons -- first of all, alcohol stings/burns on mucus membranes and, more importantly, it is the _drying_ of alcohol that actually kills things.  (This is an important thing to remember, in general...it isn't the alcohol that sterilizes, it's the drying of the alcohol.)

This is the point where I allow for a minimal risk of infection -- I use a paper towel, non-sterile latex gloves and non-sterile lube on the sounds.  I could use all-sterile materials at this point, but that would markedly increase both the cost and the complexity.  In a hospital setting, those precautions make a great deal of sense because you are dealing with somebody who possibly already has a lowered resistance to infection (otherwise, why are you sticking something up their urethra to begin with?) and you are working in an environment where there are lots of infectious agents present.  The instruments are laid out on the paper towel and allowed to dry.  I lubricate each instrument as I use it, applying some lube to it then rubbing it against the towel to spread it evenly over the surface.  Using one hand to expose the urethra, I slowly insert the instrument with the other hand, twisting it so that the bend in the sound travels easily.

Once in, I was using a combination of in-and-out motions, twisting, and tapping on the sound to provide stimulation.  I worked my way up from the 3mm sound to the 7mm, but it's clear that I could go a good deal further (although I think that the largest one I have, the 18mm, is probably out of the question).  I certainly enjoyed myself, and she had a wonderful time, too.

I had considered hooking one of the sounds up to the TENS unit & using the other pole on her clit, but I want to save that for another time.  Has anybody experimented with that?  I see that at least one company sells a sound that is expressly designed to be used that way.  What other creative uses have folks come up with for sounds?

Hmmm...now, I need to play with catheters next...

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